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Sundance Automotive Repair Lakewood Colorado


Since 2001, Sundance Automotive Repair has provided motorists in the Lakewood, Colorado community with comprehensive auto repair services that include: Brake Repair, Oil Changes and Factory Scheduled Maintenance Services, Under-car Services, Heating and Cooling Services, Electrical Services, Transmission Services, Electronic Services, Internal Engine Services and much, much, more. Our goal is to offer the best services available at affordable prices to get you safely back on the road in no time.


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Sundance Automotive Repair does Factory Scheduled Maintenance right!


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AC & Heating System Repairs – Enjoy a more comfortable ride all year long. We'll pinpoint any leaks, damage and worn out parts in the system using computerized diagnostics.


Catalytic Converters Service– If you're experiencing performance issues or didn't pass emissions testing, it could be this key part. We'll inspect, repair and get you on your way.


Vehicle Alignment – Feeling your steering wheel shimmy at higher speeds? Does your car drift to one side? Come in today for a computerized wheel alignment and system check.      


Complete Engine Repair and Replacement – Whether the problem can be fixed or your engine is DOA, our certified technicians have the expertise to bring your vehicle back to life.


Batteries, Starting and Charging Systems – Don't wait until you're stranded! If your car is taking longer to crank, come in for an inspection of your battery, starter and alternator.


Differential Service, Front and Rear – This vital component of your transmission system will notify you of trouble with a variety of noises, from whining to clicking and clunking.


Belts and Hoses – From radiator hoses to your serpentine belt, we'll inspect all belts and hoses for signs that they need to be repaired or replaced to keep you safely on the road.


Emissions Repairs, Failed Testing – If you don't pass, your car isn't properly managing the pollutants it creates. We'll find the issue whether it's your catalytic converter or a simple leak.


Brake Repairs and Installation – Don't wait for a disaster to come in for new brakes or repairs. If you're hearing squealing or notice it takes longer to stop, come in for service today.


Engine Cooling Systems, Radiator Repair – If you're overheating or seeing a sudden drop in coolant, let us take a look at your radiator, water pump and entire system for issues.


Check Engine Light Diagnostics and Repair- Every car owner dreads seeing that light come on. Sundance will make is as painless as possible with fast, accurate diagnosis and reasonable prices on repairs.


Diesel, Complete Service and Repair – When you drive a diesel-powered vehicle, you need certified technicians that understand combustion over ignition, so come to Sundance today.


Vehicle Tune Up Services – You may think that you can skip basic maintenance, but doing so puts your car at risk for issues down the line. Air filter to O2 sensor, we'll check it all out.


Exhaust Systems and Mufflers – Don't announce your comings and goings to the neighborhood because of a bad muffler. See our experts for repairs or a complete replacement.


Factory Scheduled Maintenance Services – From basic oil changes to mileage services to meet warranty requirements, we keep every vehicle make and model in primo condition.


Oil Change Services – If your vehicle is due for service, visit us for a complete lube, oil and filter service. We'll help prevent sludge build-up in your engine and keep it running like new.


Shocks, Struts, Steering and Suspension – A change in how your car handles, whether it's taking bumps harder or dipping at stops, could require repairs to achieve a smooth, safe ride.


Tire Repair, Replacement and Service – We've seen it all, from bald tires, inflation issues, wear on just one edge and even bubbling in the sidewalls. So, come in and let us help you. 


Transfer Case Service – To properly power the front and rear axles in your 4x4, you transfer case needs to be in tip top shape. If you have shifting issues, they may need our attention.


Transmission Fluid Services – Many transmission issues are caused by fluid issues, whether it's a leak or you need a fluid exchange. Don't let this small problem compromise your engine.


Transmission Repair, Rebuild or Replace – Leaked red or pink fluid, clunking when shifting, or an automatic struggling to accelerate. If any of these sound familiar, stop by today.